Watchdog Infrared 12.0 Digital Trail Camera

Product Code: WDL-5210M
This standalone camera and recorder is the perfect tool for any situation where a full surveillance system is not needed or not feasible. This camera is a huge money saver for anyone just having an issue with simple trespassing or repeat vandalism. Its compact size makes this covert camera easy to hide in almost any environment.
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See the action that's on your property with the new Scout Trail camera. It delivers high-resolution stills with infrared technology. You'll get 12.0-megapixel color stills and infrared images and video at night up to 45 ft. with the 26 IR emitters.

The Scout Trail camera offers a 0.8-1 s trigger speed and converts into a convenient, handheld photo viewer while in the field. Enjoy hundreds of images on the 2.0" color screen and view dozens of videos when you install an SD card. Save or delete photos without removing the SD?card, or transfer images to your computer. Runs on eight AA batteries (not included) or a 6 V DC power supply (not included).

Don't want to check your camera every day or can't get to it's location on a regular basis? Not a problem! Pop in you local cell phone providers SIM card and the Scout Trail will e-mail or text message you every still picture it takes!

At very close range, 3 feet or less, there is still noticeably a fairly faint glow if you look directly into the LEDs. Both this model and the standard model emit infra red light that is invisible to humans and animals, however in the standard model the small LEDs themselves can be seen to be red when activated. 

This model is the second generation of scouting cameras with MMS function. Bundled with the MMS-module (Multimedia Messaging Service) battery box, the regular scouting camera can be upgraded to work as a remote cellular camera. With its highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, the camera detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggers to take pictures/videos, and sends the images via GSM network to the user’s cellphone or email account.

There are two selects of IR LED on this camera, 850nm and 940nm. The former provides up to 65-foot flash range whereas the latter up to 30-foot flash range. The benefit of 940nm IR LED, however, is it emits very low-glow flash that is almost invisible from 5 feet away.

IR LEDs at 940nM spectrum are totally invisible. Standard, 850nM, are also invisible but IR LED themselves glow red. For a covert operation under total dark, we recommend a super low light camera which is most sensitive an IR light





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